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Fireboy & Watergirl: Elements is the 5th game in the series. It released first as an MS Store application on December 9, 2018, the mobile ports releasing somewhere near the end of December 2018, with the Google Play port on Decmeber 20, 2018, the App Store port being released somewhere between December 2018 and February 2019, but was later pulled from the shelves in the App Store in the U.S.A, the Steam release on January 24, 2019, and the desktop versions later released in early 2019.

The main menu showcasing the first 3 elements.

There are 62 levels within 7 different elements, consisting of 49 normal levels, and 13 white diamond levels. In a normal level there will be various puzzles to solve, such as levers, pushers, boxes, light detectors and mirrors, ice and snow and freeze and melt lights, crystal teleporters, etc. and a few red and blue diamonds to collect, though not necessary to complete the level, it will increase your rating at the end. In a white diamond level there is a white diamond that must be collected in order to complete the level, alongside regular red and blue diamonds in order to increase the rating, pretty much the same as a normal level but there is one diamond that must be collected to pass.

There are two characters, Fireboy and Watergirl. Fireboy can walk in lava but cannot walk in water or green goo, he slides on ice and snow but cannot climb up snowy slopes. Watergirl can walk in water but cannot walk in lava or green goo, she is slowed by ice and snow but can climb up snowy slopes.


Fireboy & Watergirl- Elements Sample Gameplay

There are 7 different elemental temples, which are:

The Forest Temple, which contains 10 levels.

The Fire Temple, which contains 8 levels.

The Light Temple, which contains 9 levels.

The Crystal Temple, which contains 9 levels.

Title in-game.

The Ice Temple, which contains 9 levels.

The Wind Temple, which contains 8 levels.

The Water Temple, which contains 9 levels.

Level Selections

Elemental Icons

The Main Menu Backgrounds